The Astral Turtle T-Shirt with a FREE $10 Map Pack

The Astral Turtle T-Shirt with a FREE $10 Map Pack


Do you know a DM who likes running unconventional and "out there" adventures?

Perhaps they've taken you to the Astral Sea on more than one occasion?

Well, this Astral Turtle range is for them!

🎁 BONUS MAPS: For the next 10 t-shirts only, you can grab a FREE $10 map pack along with the shirt! Get this turtle in asset form and on four pre-made maps, or pick out one of our other map packs.

🎁 GIVEAWAY: I want to give a t-shirt away for FREE! Please comment and share this post with someone you think would love this shirt. I'll pick a unique comment at random and send you a FREE Astral Turtle t-shirt in the size and color of your choice. 😊

πŸ‘‰ Check out the Astral Turtle T-Shirt (Black & Aqua) here!

πŸ‘‰ Check out the Colossal Turtle Map Pack (FREE with T-Shirt)Β here!

Design is by Ross McConnell of

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