About Us

Ross McConnell

Hi there, I’m Ross McConnell. I’m the one guy who makes all the maps and swag at 2-Minute Tabletop.

I live in south-west Australia, have been drawing on-and-off all my life, and for the longest time I didn’t know what to make of myself.

I floated between graphic artist, landscape designer, and web designer; I have always loved visual design, but never settled on a field.

When I found role-playing games, I knew instantly that this hobby was going to become a huge part of my life. It combined all of my passions and allowed me to explore every facet of my creativity!

I quickly converted my friends, and we all play together to this day.

I have been drawing maps for as long as I’ve been playing, as I believe they are the easiest way to elevate the atmosphere of a good fight!

Besides, art was always my strongest skill, and the best way I could treat my players. I decided to share these on the internet too and, after bouncing from site to site, I went ahead and created my own.

Thus was born 2-Minute Table Top, a place to collect all of my stuff in one gallery.

Now, years later, I am drawing maps full time, thanks to you and the generous folk supporting me on Patreon!

I couldn’t be happier. Really, it is just the most amazing thing, and I appreciate every dollar.

If you would like to support me and get some great perks, please consider pledging a small amount each month.

Your support helps me continue giving you my best in battle maps!

What is 2-Minute Tabletop?

The name 2-Minute Tabletop is in reference to “2-Minute Noodles,” which are a cheap meal than you can prepare in two minutes.

Likewise, my maps are cheap (or free!) and are ready for play in about as long as it takes your printer to spit them out.

The name was thought up by my brother Troy. He demands royalties, but I will give him this line as thanks instead. Love you Troy.